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What We Do

GLADE works in the formal education and community sectors to ensure that people across Somerset find out about the connections we have with people and places overseas. We explore global issues and their local implications.

Who We Work With

GLADE works with and delivers services to nurseries, schools, education and youth service providers, non-government organisations, teachers, youth workers, local authorities, businesses and the general public and their communities across Somerset and the South West. Our areas of expertise include school partnerships, community linking, global youth work, sustainable living, fair-trade, child rights, diverse Somerset and multicultural Britain.

Why we do it

Global benefits -

Global learning is about recognising and understanding our connections with others around the world, through the food we eat, the items we use and the people we meet. It’s about valuing our individual capacity to create positive change and make a difference. Through awareness and empowerment we can build a more just and sustainable future for everyone everywhere.

Local benefits –

Global learning encourages confidence, open-mindedness, and critical and creative thinking. It’s about recognising and making connections at local level to make sense of issues and successes of our everyday lives. It’s about acquiring knowledge and practicing skills that benefit individuals, families, employers and communities. Skill and values, that are essential for happy, healthy and successful lives where people join in with their communities.

Key areas covered include eight 'key concepts':

  • Global citizenship;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Diversity;
  • Human rights;
  • Interdependence;
  • Social justice;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Values and perceptions.

Click here for further detail of the 8 'key concepts'.

The GLADE team of paid workers, Trustees and Volunteers include a range of education professionals, qualified teachers, youth workers and community development workers and the general public, with substantial skills and experiences. They are a source of considerable expertise in all aspects of development education and global learning.

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The Global Learning And Development Education Centre offers a wide variety of global learning services including training, workshops & activities, illustrated talks and resources. Many of these can be adapted for family learning and community audiences.

There are opportunities to get involved in and benefit from one of our development education projects to bring the world to Somerset’s schools and communities.

We provide fun activities for family learning or community events, with hands on exhibitions to attract the general public.

We provide corporate social responsibility training and team building events for business and bespoke after dinner talks.

What can GLADE do for you?

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